Sunday, 29 April 2018


Hello again dear friends!

Here we are again. As you well know, each year we celebrate our "Cultural Week" at school. This year, we are remembering the 80s, a decade in which the life style was so different from now: make up, hair styles, clothes, music, etc. In addition, we have played the reading books we have read in the classroom: "Rapunzel", "Goldilocks and the three bears", "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Aladdin". Here you are all the videos taken that day. We are very proud of our students.

Thanks for all. Regards, Christopher.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Hello again dear readers!

The following post is about places in the town and giving directions. It is very important to know how to ask someone where a public building is and how to go there. This is the reason we should watch the videos about it and learn as much vocabulary and structures  as we can to get the information we need. Just click on the pictures and enjoy.

Regards, Christopher.




Thursday, 21 December 2017


Hello again dear friends:

In this post, I want to show you the drama the students in our school have developed. They were patients, nurses and doctors for a day. Through this video we can learn some healthy habits we should have, some healthy food we should eat and some recommendations for a better life. It deals with the contents we have been working in Applied Knowledge, Natural Science and English. I hope you like it because they did it as professional actors and actresses and they enjoyed a lot that moment.

Just click the picture and a new tab will be opened.

Regards, Christopher.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Hello again dear friends!

This post is about the school trip to Mojácar we (4th, 5th and 6th levels) did the last Thursday, the 23rd November. We left school at 9:20. It was really sunny, as usual. We went to Mojácar by bus and near the seaside, so we enjoyed the beautiful coastal landscape through the windows. We arrived at the shopping centre at 10:00 and we went upstairs to Kiss FM (it is in the second floor), the radio station (106.8 FM). There, Richard was a good host and he was outside waiting for us. We sang the “Happy Birthday” song because it was his. Then, we went inside the radio station and we can appreciate how the radio works (the music, the interviews, the reception, the phone calls…). Some of the students take part in the live programme and Richard and the students interviewed each other. It was a good experience for both. We are really thankful for the time we stayed there and all the members who work in Spectrum FM. Later, we had breakfast in a near park.

The second place we visited was an art gallery. There, an English couple was waiting for us to show how they feel and transmit their feelings through the art. The paintings were colourful and quite good. After the introduction, the students interviewed them for about 20 minutes.

The last place we went was the city centre and there we can enjoy the viewpoint. Then, we went to the tourist office and one group heard some explanations about the history of the city, the festivals, the traditions, and we watched a video.  Meanwhile, the other two groups were buying some souvenirs (presents) for their families and they can practice their English (and French).

It was 13:30 pm and we had to come back to school. Anyway, we reached the main aim of the school trip: the use and practice of the English language. The students enjoyed a lot the experience and we are sure we will repeat this school trip next year. We are really thankful to Spectrum FM, the art gallery “Fuente de Mojácar” and the tourist office whose members were always in contact with the school and planning the activities. You can look at all the photos we took by clicking the following one.

Regards, Christopher.